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Pleiadian Alaje - HEALING THE SOCIETY - with Subs

This film was produced by ALAJE THE PLEIADIAN in four months with the energetic support of spiritual humans and light-beings from other planets and dimensions, many earthly efforts and costs and loving supporting friends, to help earth humans to develop an awareness of universal Love.

May it reach many people and open their heart for love and friendliness.


The Unexplained Knowledge of Mali’s Dogon Tribe

This west-African tribe revealed to the first anthropologist ever to visit them that they were possessing a particular galactic knowledge brought by their “Gods” in the ancient past. To the surprise of western civilization, they knew the star Sirius A had a companion star (Sirius B), how heavy those celestial bodies were, and their orbital cycles precisely.

Impressive, for a ‘primitive’ community that has no astrological measurement tools to know that much about such a remote place in our universe. The first day Sirius B becomes visible in the sky there is an important festival day at the Dogon Tribe.
Which is funny because Sirius B is not visible to the naked eye. How could have they possibly figured all this information about this star system without our modern equipment?

Dogon mythology says that Nommo was the first living creature created by the sky god Amma. Shortly after his creation, Nommo underwent a transformation and multiplied into four pairs of twins. One of the twins rebelled against the universal order created by Amma. To restore order to his creation, Amma sacrificed another of the Nommo progeny, whose body was dismembered and scattered throughout the universe.This dispersal of body parts is seen by the Dogon as the source for the proliferation of Binu shrines throughout the Dogons’ traditional territory; wherever a body part fell, a shrine was erected.

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Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn

The eighth sign of the zodiac is represented by the Scorpion, a poisonous creature that can paralyze its victims with the sting of its tail.

The sign of Scorpio suffers from its association with the scorpion, since its symbol is often hated and feared. The scorpion, however, was not always reviled. In ancient Egypt it was deified in the form of Selket, the scorpion-goddess. Selket was the protectress of the dead, and she is often seen on walls of tombs with her wings spread out in a protective gesture.

The classical myth of the Scorpion begins with the death of Orion, a beautiful young giant and a great hunter who was the son of Neptune (god of the sea). Tales of Orion’s prowess, strength, and manliness are legend. The story of his death is related in many versions. One is that Eos, goddess of the dawn, fell in love with him and carried him away with her. Diana, the moon-goddess, became jealous that Eos should take a mortal lover and commanded a scorpion to kill Orion.

Another version is that Orion tried to rape Diana, and she brought a giant scorpion out of the earth that stung Orion to death. After Orion’s death, Jupiter placed both Orion and the Scorpion among the stars. They each became a constellation. Orion, with his golden armor and sword in hand, is one of the brightest and most spectacular constellations in the heavens on a winter night. But when the Scorpion, who was placed in the zodiac, rises in summer, the brilliance of Orion fades.

The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need

Witches, Wizards, & Sorcerers Directory



I want a directory of the tumblr witchcraft community, so that when someone is looking for a particular branch of witchcraft there’s an easy list of the blogs all in one place :)

Feel free to Add your blog to the list, and include a link, you can add your name under any applicable fields

If you have a category you fall under that isn’t on the list, go ahead an add it, you can also message me with a list of the things you practice if you’d like me to add you to the list :) I’m hoping this make it’s easier to find resources in the community, that are relevant to what someone is looking for at the time, and that we can also use it to discover similar blogs, or new interests


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Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn


Ancient Egyptian Tarot Card - The Moon

Questioner: Now, the obvious only significant difference, I believe, between the positive and negative adept in using this shuttle is the way they had polarized. Is there a relationship between the archetypes of the spirit and whether the polarization is either positive or negative? Is, for instance, the positive calling through the sixteenth and the [chuckling] negative calling through the fifteenth archetype? I am very confused on these points and I imagine that question is poor or meaningless. Can you answer that?

Ra: I am Ra. It is a challenge to answer such a query, for there is some confusion in its construction. However, we shall attempt to speak upon the subject.

The adept, whether positive or negative, has the same Matrix. The Potentiator is also identical. Due to the Catalyst of each adept the adept may begin to pick and choose that into which it shall look further. The Experience of the Spirit, that which you have called the Moon, is then, by far, the more manifest of influences upon the polarity of the adept. Even the most unhappy of experiences, shall we say, which seem to occur in the Catalyst of the adept, seen from the viewpoint of the spirit, may, with the discrimination possible in shadow, be worked with until light equaling the light of brightest noon descends upon the adept and positive or service-to-others illumination has occurred. The service-to-self adept will satisfy itself with the shadows and, grasping the light of day, will toss back the head in grim laughter, preferring the darkness.

Law of One

The Venerable Ananda went to the Blessed One and on arrival,
having bowed down to him, sat to one side.

As he was sitting there he said to the Blessed One,
“It is said that the world is empty, the world is empty, Lord.
In what respect is it said that the world is void?”

"Insofar as it is empty of a self or of anything pertaining to a self:
Thus it is said, Ananda, that the world is empty.
And what is empty of a self or of anything pertaining to a self?

The eye is empty of a self or of anything pertaining to a self.
Eye-contact is empty of a self or of anything pertaining to a self.
The ear is empty….
The nose is empty….
The tongue is empty….
The body is empty….
The intellect is empty of a self or of anything pertaining to a self.
Ideas….Intellect-consciousness….Intellect-contact is empty of a self or of anything pertaining to a self.

Thus it is said that the world is empty.”

Buddha Shakyamuni on the Doctrine of No-self, Sunna Sutta, Empty (via theperfectsolution144)