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Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn


Ludvig Holberg, Nicolai Klimii Iter svbterranevm : novam telluris theoriam ac historiam quintae monarchiae adhuc nobis incognitae exhibens / e bibliotheca B. Abelini (1754)


This site just seems to get more and more ridiculous.


Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn


Cry of the 13th

LOA, the 13th Aethyr*, carries an important initiation that must be complete before you can move forward. LOA lies along the path of Chesed on the Tree of Life but is below the Abyss  and the Tree of Life sphere Binah. You will no doubt experience some of the powerful feminine forces flowing down from Binah as you transverse this region.
The central subject of this Aethyr is the Cup or Babalon (Sangreal) and its symbolic meaning. You may see see a vision of a cup while here. The wine in the cup can be said to symbolize the lives of the saints and holy men and all those who have devoted their lives to helping others. Another name for this wine is sacrifice. So this Aethyr contains the lesson of sacrifice. This initiation is called the Mystery of Babalon. In this initiation, you will be required to sacrifice yourself and shed some blood (symbolic blood) into the cup. This enables you to share in the Great Work and unite yourself with all those that have done so.
After a successful initiation, you may see or be part of a vision of Babalon and the Beast, (a seductive mate and your own human self) somewhat like you experienced in the 16th Aethyr, LEA. However, because of your experience in VTA you will now recognize the Beast to be the Lord of the City of Pyramids. The symbolism here is very important for you to understand. The people you encountered in VTA have become pyramids of dust because they lost their humaity and their ability to care about others. They did not shed any blood into the Cup of Babalon and are thereby confined to VTA. If you have made it to LOA and you recognize the beast here as yourself in VTA than you have surely earned the title of Lord of the City of the Pyramids and have freed yourself from the forces of VTA.
There are two types of residents here in LOA. The Hierarchy of Compassion (the White Brotherhood) who have dedicated their lives to helping others and the Earth, and their complement, the Black Brothers. The Black Brothers are people who have risen in spiritual understanding to this lofty height but who refuse to shed their blood into the Cup of  Babablon unless it is for personal gain or glory. They are higher in understanding than the residents of the City of the Pyramids, but have erected thick towers of egotism around themselves and are thereby shut off from the rest of humanity. It is a distinction involving the trap of spiritual selfishness; the ill-formed idea that you are better than another because you have obtained some rank of spirituality. To grasp this initiation and past beyond LOA, you  need to understand that despite your spiritual rank, you are no higher or lower than any one else. Spiritual selflessness is what ultimatley separates the White Lodge and the Black Brothers and has led to the rift in many spiritual and occult organizations.

So to summarize, this Aethyr contains two lessons:

  • self sacrifice of a higher nature (sacrifice for others without personal reward or glory)
  • spiritual selflessness (you are no better than any other person regardless of where he/she stands spiritually)

Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn

*Channeled Predictions*

Many of you have shared with us certain information being told to you by various entities being channeled in your world; information delineated in negative scenarios, negative aspects. And you are afraid these may manifest through the idea of earthquakes, floods, famine, and much of the like. As we have said, this energy potential does exist, but only as a potential.

It may have a great deal of momentum behind it, a high degree of backing behind it from your civilization, but recognize that - not that you are being lied to by these entities, for you are not - but recognize that you are being allowed to see in these sharings that you have an opportunity to decide whether what they say /is true for you./ In terms of what you know you need to experience in the transformation taking place on your planet right now.

Therefore, in each and every interaction that has ever taken place between any of you and any entity coming through a channel, when you hear something that does not strike a vibratory chord within you, then do recognize that there is no need for the idea of accusation from you to them. For all that is being shared with you is a /perception/ of an area in your civilization - or a potential reality - that does have a high degree of momentum and energy behind it, due the fears that many of you generate.

But if you are willing to hear these words from entities that speak of the transformation in catastrophic terms, if you are willing to hear them as an opportunity to understand and reflect what you know to be true for you, then you can utilize the situation. You can be equal to them, and not continue to feel that what you are being given as information is any more powerful than the information you have within yourselves with regard to the reality and a world, which is, after all, yours.

If we may suggest, therefore, the following: If you find yourselves in a certain scenario where such information is being imparted to you, and you are willing to have conviction on it, this may be shared with that entity - in the form of a letter perhaps..

"Dear Entity:

"I recognize that what you are sharing comes from your love for us and your desire to serve us and allow us to expand in our awareness of the transformation; which is a reflection of all we have ever been and can become.

"At the same time, I would now wish to share with you, dear Entity, that your sharing affords me the opportunity to recognize that the transformation, in the terms of catastrophe you have delineated, is not the reality I, as co-creator of this world, prefer. I choose to give energy to the idea that if I am willing to face all portions of myself, and accept and allow all situations in my life to be of positive service and to be in my life for positive reasons, then I can allow my experience of the transformation to be one that is positive, and not in need of the expression of catastrophe in order for me to understand myself and grow."

"I recognize that expressions of catastrophe may be the only way /some/ individuals can believe a transformation will have a lasting effect. However, do allow me at this time, dearest Entity, to ask for your further love and your further assistance in suggesting to us ideas, ideas which could allow us to assist our world, so that as many of us as possible can now let ourselves also realize there is no longer any need to believe that transformations and changes of lasting positive effect must be created through trials by fire."

"I am willing to share that I believe ecstasy is our birthright. Will you share with us your perspective on how we may accelerate within ourselves to sufficient degrees to allow there to be upon this world that we hold dear, the smoothest, easiest, and most loving version of the transformation that can occur?  Thank you."

Each and every one of you willing to utilize that situation, once again, not in an accusatory way, but in a sharing way, in a convicted way - to stand up and make a difference, and be the individuals you know yourselves to be and express what you know to be true for you - each and every one of you willing to utilize the situation as a reflection for that opportunity will make a geometric, a logarithmic difference in the ability of your entire world to allow its next step to be that much easier.

Even as a single individual you add that much energy to the momentum of your ability to experience your transformation in a positive and loving way. For you /are/ energy, and experience it each of you will. You yourselves /are/ the experience you are having. All of the physical reality, all of the emotional atmosphere in which any particular manifestation or experience does occur in your lives - in a seemingly objectified manner - all of that materiality, every subtle nuance, is all /you/ in different manifesting /reflections/ back to yourselves.

You have created the idea of yourselves to be physical reality, and there are many manifestations of physical reality. But in this particular manifestation of the idea you are being you have been playing out, as your particular unique physical reality, a great deal of separation and negativity so that you could explore all of the ideas of what it means to be limited, as we have mentioned to you before. Therefore, you have created yourselves to be the idea of a reality whose only cognition, basically, fundamentally, immediately, is a material reflection seemingly outside of yourselves, so that you can feel as if you are in a material universe, rather than knowing that the material universe is what you /are/.

That is what you are now beginning to explore within the idea of integration. You are beginning to experience the integration, the blending of more and more awareness of more and more of yourselves. You are beginning to blend the dream imagination and physical realities into one, to experience all the ideas of this transformation - the disorientation, the confusion, the limbo state, the seemingly surrealistic attitudes and atmospheres you encounter from time to time - which allow you to feel disassociated from the material physicality you have been used to experiencing for many hundreds of thousands of years.

Now you will find yourselves integrating and beginning to see through the illusion you have created of physical materiality. It has served you, and served you well. But an illusion, a tool, and a creation it is, nonetheless.

— Bashar

Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn


Four Kumaras

The Kumaras are four sages (rishis) who roam the universe as children from the Puranic texts of Hinduism, generally named Sanaka, Sanatana, Sanandana and Sanatkumara.

They are described as the first mind-born creations and sons of the creator-god Brahma. Brahma, who had received the knowledge of the Puranas from the Universal Being (god Himself) Narayana, imbibed this to his Four Kumaras.

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The thing that keeps me separate from you… Is this strange idea you know something I don’t. That you have the secret I so desperately want. But you don’t. And we are not separate. That is just a lie I tell myself.

-character flaw #10,nifintygillionz

The fourth density is one of revealed information. Selves are not hidden to self or other-selves. The imbalances or distortions which are of a destructive nature show, therefore, in more obvious ways, the vehicle of the mind/body/spirit complex thus acting as a teaching resource for self revelation.

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"Communication is key" really is one of those flesh slicing to the bone cliches. It literally is a key that opens doors. Or shuts them. Depending on your ability to speak and listen with truth.

I thought I was a good communicator. Not so much actually.

It takes practice,…

Thanks, I’m currently working on identifying my bad habits with as objective an eye as possible…. And this one smarts. I’m changing and adjusting my behavior moment to moment. Its good. I just realize I never ask for/express real wants because I rarely am in touch with my needs. Which has a funny way of making me self absorbed… Its always a little embarrassing when you realize your more self centered than you thought.