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Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn

*The Second Coming*

Q:  Are you and your people familiar with Christianity?

B:  To some degree.

Q:  Well, I believe in Jesus Christ as our savior…

B:   When you say you believe in Jesus Christ, what does that mean?

Q:  That means that I believe in a God who created the universe, including all of us, and that because we are all sinners, Jesus…

B:  One moment!  You believe you are a sinner?

Q:  Yes.

B:  What is a sinner?   Will you define this for me?  I understand the concept of sin, but have not heard the concept from you.  Would you, therefore, define the concept of “sinner” for me in your own way — as it relates to how you see yourself?

Q:  A sin for me is anything I would do or think that goes against something God would want.

B:  What does God want?

Q:  God wants — I guess, very simply, in order to answer it within the time limit allowed here — God wants me to show unconditional love in all situations.  And any time I don’t do that…

B:  One moment!  Did you say unconditional love?  Do you understand what that means?

Q:  I understand it to mean that as far as people — whom I’m supposed to unconditionally love, for example, the people in here — no matter who they are or what they have done, as far as I’m concerned I love them because God loves them.  If God loves everybody in here, I have no right to overrule that.

B:  All right.  Now, you know you can create the reality of overruling it, but we do understand what you mean when you say you have no right.  You can do it, but that does not mean it is something you’d want to do, nor are we suggesting this is something that would create harmony on your world.  No. But simply take yourself literally.  People have very blatantly judged others, have they not?  And it is not a matter of whether or not they have the right to do it.

Q:  Is it wrong?

B:  There is no right and wrong.  It is a matter of whether you choose to create a positively manifesting reality or a negatively manifesting reality.

Q:  Which would you suggest?

B:  I would suggest the positive one.  Because choosing the positively manifesting reality will be integrating yourself with All That Is, whereas knowing yourself as separate from All That Is creates an idea of isolation that does not allow you to feel your connection to All That Is.  This leads to the need to dominate.  For when you separate yourself from All That Is, controlling and dominating others is perhaps the only way you will feel you can collect what you see around you, to you.  Thus, you create many ideas out of separation and negative manifestation that are, in your terms, unpleasant: war, disease and many other ideas you say you do not like. This is why we would always suggest the positively manifesting reality.

However, recognize that we perceive the idea of judgment, in and of itself, to be of the negative manifestation.  Thus, we do not say anything is right or wrong, because that to us is to judge All That Is.  To us, even the idea of judgment is the choosing of the negative.  To know what you prefer does not mean that you have to judge or invalidate anyone else — in terms of the way that individual chooses to explore his own Godhood, to relate to himself as his portion of All That Is.  If he has chosen separation, negative reality, limitation, judgment — then it will be less likely he will perceive his connection to All That Is.

On the other hand, one who is integrated has already chosen the idea of unconditional love, and will recognize that there is no need to judge those who have not chosen it.  For unconditional love is the granting of validity to everything within Creation — for its own sake.  Because that portion of creation has seen fit to learn about itself in the way it has chosen, then you, in choosing unconditional love, generate the faith and the trust to know that in an ultimate sense he is always going to be all right. Ultimately, every idea is still contained within the overall idea of All That Is, and cannot become lost.  There is nowhere to lose anything to until you create that type of separation. There is nowhere to lose anything to until you, in choosing negativity and limitation and separation from yourself as All That Is, choose to create a dimension in which you can remove yourself from the rest of everything.  Any idea you call a lost soul is a contradiction in terms.  A soul always knows where it is.

Q:  What do you mean by a lost soul?

B:  The idea we are ascribing to many individuals expressing the specific ritualized expressions through which they channel the idea of their love. Many times, even though they express it to be unconditional, it still comes with conditions.  We are not saying this is your case.  We are saying that we are relating to the terminology you are using, by being so specific about what you have described as the way you believe and what you have called being a sinner — which by your ultimate definition means someone who is outside of — has placed himself outside of — his recognition of himself as God.

Q:  My recognition of myself as God?

B:  Yes.

Q:  I’m God?

B:  Of course, understand this is what we are talking about, many of your beliefs or religions on your planet speak of the idea of God — or what we call All That Is — as being omnipotent, every where, all-knowing, omniscient and all-seeing, everything, everywhere.  If God, by your definition, is everything, how can you be outside of it?  You must also be God; God must also be you.  God knows you are God.  Why do you not know you are God?
Q:  Well, say I create a model… of an airplane.  I created it and put it together, but it’s not me.

B:  Yes, it is.  Understand that what you experience as your physical reality is all a symbol.  If you wish to use the term illusion, all right. That may clarify it for you.

Q:  Well, doesn’t that illusion, or symbol — it needs a representation, does it not?

B:  It is a representation of an idea.

(Other): If you are the idea of making the plane, then you are the plane, too.  Whatever idea you have, you are that idea.

B:  Yes.  You understand that everything in your universe is a matter, physically, of vibration.  You cannot perceive anything that you are not. The vibration you are creates what you perceive the physical reality to be.  Thus, if you have created this idea of a model airplane in front of you, then you are extending a portion of the idea of yourself and reflecting it back to yourself as the ability to do that outside yourself, seemingly. But everything you perceive, every individual in the room is your creation.

 You have to create your version of them in order to perceive them.  You follow me?

Q:  Kind of.  If I am dedicating my life to following Jesus Christ…

B:   Why would you want to do that?  He did not want you to do that.

Q:  He did not want me to do that?

B:  No.  He does not want you to follow him; he wants you to be like him.

Q:  Well, that’s kind of what I mean.

B:  Then say what you mean.  Understand that your terminology is what we were discussing; that upon your planet many times the terminology you choose reflects how you go about relating to the ideas you think you believe in.  And in this case you are saying that by following someone, you are separating yourself from, and making yourself less than, rather than being equal to — which is what he wanted you to know.  That all of you are Christ consciousness like he is.  The idea of following “the way” was not a matter of being subservient, but of being equal and reflective, being that energy that was being demonstrated.  That is “the way.”

 (Other): Do you think that’s why maybe we are so limited?  Because we, or Christianity put trust in Jesus Christ and not in ourselves.

B:  The idea is that any time you take the power that you are, and remove it from yourselves, you place a limitation that actually denies your very existence — what you have been created to be!  So yes, in that sense, the definitions are what is responsible for creating the limitations.  To some degree, the idea of what has been described as many of the attributes and experiences are all valid; any tool is a valid tool if it gets you where you want to go.

— Dialogue with Bashar

Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn

                 *Pacific Energies and Kachinas and Dolphins*

Q:  Can you comment on the relationship between the idea of Atlantean and Lemurian energies, and my being drawn to go to New Zealand?

B:  There is much strong dolphin consciousness in that area. That is where the consciousness we have referred to as “Dreamer” originates from. In that New Zealand area there is a very specific type of vortex energy that represents a type of ancient foundation, and at the same time, an ancient capstone to an old, old, idea. It is the repository, if you will, to many of your psychic pasts, your energy pasts.

Hawaii is, to some degree, connected to this idea. New Zealand will contain certain particular aspects that will add a certain completion to the story of your lineage with regard to Lemurian interactions. For it is in many ways, as you would say, primeval. The energy there, as does the energy in Hawaii, contains many different spirit forms, spirit guides. The area you call Hawaii is alive with spirit guides. They are much more distinct in this area, and they are much more individualized in this area, because the area more naturally accepts them and has not, in your terms, blocked them out with what you call technical civilization.

In New Zealand there are many connections - now, many of you may be surprised, although it will be different in that area - you will find that there are many, many origination connections to the same type of energy that many of you recognize in your United States of America to be Kachina energy.

In New Zealand are many of the origination points for when that particular type of consciousness first intersected your Earth. It is very primal. You will get in touch with a strong primal foundation. It is a gate from an old world into a new one, continued through Lemuria and held in its old style, to some degree, by what you call the Hopi Indians in your United States. They represent the last fragment of that old world, and the Kachina energy was very strongly connected to it.

Q:  Can you tell us more about Kachina energy?

B:  Only that they represent a type of extraterrestrial consciousness that, let us say, resides in-between the dimensional barriers that separate one universe from another. They are their own universal energy, and our civilization is only yet beginning to explore and come into contact with many different aspects of their energy.

If you wish us to put it in extremely Earth terms, Kachinas are the extraterrestrial’s extraterrestrial. They are ninety degrees out of phase with all that we understand and share with you as our common universe. They are in a completely different quasi-planar reality. We are, ourselves, just beginning to explore this idea, but they are most enticing!

Q:  Is our current rising interest in New Zealand a direct reflection of your current study into Kachina energy?

B:  As an offshoot, to some degree, but it is more indicative of the blending of the dolphin consciousness, at this time. It has that higher tonality. For again, many of the Dreamers reside in that area, as many of them also do in your Hawaii and also off your Japan islands. They are, again, of a specific group and represent a certain stepping-stone along your path of self-awareness and self-remembrance…

 That is one other thing you can learn from the dolphins - a childlike curiosity about everything. Absolutely everything. Play with them, play with them, play with them as they play with you.

In Hawaii there is a strong, what you may call, magnetic beacon, both around specifically what you call Molokai and also, the crater you call Haleakala. These areas and the shores around them are prime attractants for dolphin consciousness. They are only slightly submerged; again, representing the waiting, on their part, of when they sense within you that you have recognized and awakened to the fact that the rest of infinite creation lies /just/ beneath the surface. They lie /just/ beneath the surface, sometimes laughing to themselves. But only out of joy of the expectancy that they know is about to explode upon you. They are /just/ beneath the surface.

So find, as it has been suggested to you, the dolphin that you are, just beneath the surface of your hu-man - ity. Find the dolphin /you/ are and you will identify /as/ the dolphins they are. In a sense, many of them have already found their hu-man-ness. You are now finding your dolphin-ness.

Many times, in Atlantis, did you share and exchange bodies in reincarnational senses. This is now something that can be possible again in your near future, but first you must learn to remember your friends. They have been remembering you for a very long time, and are most overjoyed that the sounds of their happiness are finally waking you up.

They are singing to you, but not a lullaby that puts you to sleep. They are singing you a song of dawn, a song of awakening; a song of life, love and happiness; a song of eternal joy and ecstasy. You share the same dream; you swim in the same sea. You are of one soul.

Wake up and dream… wake up and dream… (pause)

Dreamer Dolphin Speaks:  Feel yourself floating in the sea of energy. Feel yourselves swimming with us. Feel your heart beating with our heart. Feel the same blood pumping in your veins, the same warmth, the same birth. We are born together and we live together! We share the same world together.

/Feel/ our joy. Feel our brotherhood, our sisterhood. /Feel our love/. Feel the nurturing Earth within yourself. Feel your own playfulness. Break through the shell of your humanity. Be, as you know yourselves to be. Reclaim your birthright. Swim in the energy sea. Swim with us in the same physical dream.

All is a dream… all is a dream. Explore with us. Explore yourselves. Go into yourselves and there you will find us. We swim in your soul, come swim in ours. We love you. We dream you. You dream us. Together we share the same dream.


B:  We extend to each and every one of you our unconditional love and energy. Feel the vibration, feel the /vitality/ of the life that beats within you! Live life. Live as you. Live as one - individually and collectively. We thank you for your sharing. We thank you for sharing the dream that together we are forever; pleasant dreams, and an unconditional and loving good day.

AUD:  Thank you!

— Dialogue with Bashar

A Kabbalah System Theory of Ontological and Knowledge Engineering for Knowledge Based Systems »


Using the Kabbalah system theory (KST) developed in [1] , [2], we propose an ontological engineering for knowledge representation of domains in terms of concept systems in knowledge based systems in artificial intelligence. KST is also used for the knowledge engineering of the knowledge model building based on ontology. KST provides thus an integrative, unifying, domain independent framework for both the knowledge representation via ontologies and knowledge model building via knowledge engineering in knowledge based systems.

Keywords — knowledge based system; knowledge representation; ontological engineering; knowledge modeling; knowledge engineering; artificial intelligence; Kabbalah; system theory; category theory