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Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn


Every electron has a mathematical counterpart of Light which establishes a Light threshold which survives the body. By measuring the wave form of this Light threshold, the Higher Evolution can recode the consciousness state of a human being who is continually in states of flux and unstable equilibrium. Also by energizing magneto-gravitational fields around your body, your molecular structure can be changed and your body reconstituted on another wavelength of light. Every molecule within the body continually projects light pulses which build up a light code structure which is beyond the physical relativity. This code structure is used to reshape the next program of consciousness evolution.



Art:  "3rd Eye" Portal to higher realms (rmx) - by: Martin’s Art Dimension


Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn

Q:  What is the purpose of knowing what your connection is to another planetary system?  And you were saying before that it might change from lifetime to lifetime.

B:  Yes.

Q:  And how is that a function?  I don ‘t understand.

B:  Well, the idea, first of all, is to remember that, again, all of you exist on every level there is to exist upon, right now.  Different lives — what you call reincarnation — is simply your term in linear time references.  But the idea of linear time is your perception from within a physical reality.

All the lives, all the existences, all the ways you do exist, all exist now.   And, in a sense, in one meaning of the term, they all exist here as well.   The analogy we have used a few times is, what you call, your radio analogy.  You have, in your society, the analogy, the device, you call a radio. Now, you know that when your dial is tuned to one particular program — you know that all the other programs are still there at the same time, but you only get the one you’re listening to, you’re focused on, at any given moment.  Let’s call that this life now.

Here’s your dial now, tuned into the program of, what you call, your earth existence.   But for each and every one of those other existences, their dial, on the setting they have it on, seems to be the only life that is going on. And all the other ones are immaterial, or ghost-like, or probable, or potential lives, or past, or future, or alternate lives.  Each life sees itself as “the” life being lived.  But all these things are going on simultaneously, because all existence exists now.  And all the separations in existence are simply different frequencies that existence has of experiencing itself now.  And it experiences all these different ideas all at once.

However, because the definition of your particular program involves linear time, then you don’t experience it all at once; you experience it stretched out: before-now-after, middle-end, cause-effect, negative-positive.  All these ideas are simply the result of the definition you collectively have created your physical reality to be.

So, the importance of any of these connections simply is that there will always be bleed-through, shall we say, from all of your alternate lives into this one, and vice versa.  And that bleed-through will usually come in a way that is symbolized, or formalized, in a way you can apply it into this life.  Otherwise it wouldn’t make too much sense for you. So being aware of some of the other connections can assist you.  All we do is de-stress the idea that it is crucial to know all those other connections, because every life is a complete kit, and has all it needs to live the life being lived.

If it excites you to explore these connections, it can awaken certain insights within you about, perhaps, the reasons for why you chose to be born on earth at this time.  A lot of those other connections do tie in — especially now in your transformational age — as to why you have chosen to have a life on earth at this time. Especially because a lot of the things you will be doing on earth at this time will actually open you up to blatant interactions with many of us, wherein many of you will discover your own counterparts existing in our societies.  Understand?

Q:  Yes.

B:  That’s why it has, to some degree, some relevance in your life now. But we always like to downplay it, because the power always starts and ends with you.  Understand?

Q:  Yes.

B:  So the idea, simply, in terms of a different connection to any different life, will be that each life, of its own different definition, will then make different levels of connections that are relevant to the definition of that life.  There may be several lives that may have, what you would call, the same connection, thereby creating what appears to be a continuity of connection through a period of time; but each life chooses to make that connection separately and distinctly.  And any continuity you may perceive is only your illusion.  Understand?

Q:  Yes.

B:  Is this of assistance to you?

Q:  Yes, it is.

B:  Oh, thank you very much.  Sharing!

Q:  You said that you’ve observed our culture over thousands of years?

B:  I was speaking collectively.  Not my society specifically, but many of the societies within the Association of Worlds has, yes.

— Dialogue with Bashar

Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn

An allegorical interpretation of Genesis is a reading of the biblical Book of Genesis that treats elements of the narrative as symbols or types. For example, Genesis 3 introduces a talking serpent, which many Christians understand to be Satan in disguise. This symbolism is accepted even by Christians who believe the story as a whole is based on a historical event. Many Christians in ancient times regarded the early chapters of Genesis to be true as both history and allegory.

Genesis is part of the canonical scriptures for both Christianity and Judaism, and thus to believers is taken as being of spiritual significance. The opening sequences of the book tell the biblical story of origins. Those who read Genesis literally believe that it teaches the creation of humanity and the universe in general in a timeframe of six successive days of 24 hour durations. Those who favor an allegorical interpretation of the story claim that its intent is to describe humankind’s relationship to creation and the creator.

Some Jews and Christians have long considered the creation account of Genesis as an allegory instead of as historical description, much earlier than the development of modern science. Two notable examples are Augustine of Hippo (4th century) who, on theological grounds, argued that everything in the universe was created by God in the same instant, and not in six days as a plain account of Genesis would require; and the 1st century Jewish scholar Philo of Alexandria, who wrote that it would be a mistake to think that creation happened in six days or in any determinate amount of time.

Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn

                         *Collective Threshold Point*

Q:  Hello.

B:  And to you, good day.

Q:  (Utters something in a foreign language, which sounds Slavic.) Did you understand that?

B:  There is no translation because the vocabulary does not exist within the channel. You must understand: I am not speaking English. I am only sending thought pulses that are automatically translated through the channel as a translation device, with whatever language he was programmed with; which in this case, we understand, is what you call English.

Q:  Okay. My question is in regard to the strange figures, which have appeared in crops; mainly in England, for the most part, is where they are.

B:  Yes.

Q:  And they started very simply, and now they are getting more and more complicated.

B:  Yes.

Q:  My question is: who started it? Why?

B:  All of you have started it. It is a CONCERT between you, between us, between many different beings and levels of consciousness. Look at it this way: you have dreams, yes?

Q:  Yes.

B:  And in the dreams you have created symbols, yes?

Q:  Yes.

B:  Think of the crop circles, or the glyphs, whatever you wish to call them, as the physical manifestation of the symbolic dreams of your entire collective consciousness, manifesting in a symbolic language to the individual components that the collective consciousness is made out of.

Q:  I’m sensing that rapid change is imminent?

B:  There are many events that are unfolding that are of such a nature that in many ways will be completely transformational, yes. You are sensing correctly that your collective consciousness is arriving at a threshold point, at a critical mass point, when many, many, many things will be capable of sweeping around your globe very quickly, to cause instantaneous, in some senses, change: sociologically, politically, economically, in some senses; sometimes geophysically, but that is not always the case. It doesn’t always have to be that way, or expressed that way.

But the idea is that obviously you are seeing some geophysical changes now, but you will also see psychological changes, psychic changes. There will be many, many things that will SHOCK many people awake, many different kinds of things, as you say, that will be unexpected. However, this is, from our point of view, a very positive sign because it means you are really ready to wake up into a bigger reality.

The idea, also, is to understand that it is representative of a great deal of excitement. And also, do pay attention to the fact that fear, great fear, is simply excitement filtered through negative definitions. When you filter that energy through positive definitions, then it will only be experienced as excitement, rather than /as/ fear. The fear that you may feel, may simply be the last vestiges of old ideas, old ways of defining these changes that you are sensing are coming up, that don’t necessarily allow you to feel that you can handle them or process them.

However, go with the excitement, stay in that energy, and you will find that your vibration will automatically and synchronistically put you in the right place at the right time, to be able to handle whatever transmutation comes about, in exactly the perfect way for you. That’s what it is all about, it is understanding that you create your OWN reality, uniquely. And no matter what anyone else chooses to experience with their belief, YOU will experience only those things, only that version DIRECTLY, PERSONALLY, of the transformations that are aligned with the frequency that you are on. Does that make sense to you?

Q:  Absolutely.

B:  Again, this is physics.  Does that help you?

Q:  Yes.

B:  Thank you.

Q:  Can I ask one more question, very short?

B:  Yes.

Q:  I’ve been hearing recently some commentaries concerning explorations of the Sphinx and the pyramids in Egypt.

B:  Yes.

Q:  I was wondering, is there any new or dramatic development in that area that is coming for us that we can expect?

B:  It will shortly be allowed, by those in authority in those areas, for exploration into the chambers that have been discovered, though there is a great deal of resistance to this. Because instinctively they know it will cause a great upheaval and a great sociological change, in terms of some of the information that will be discovered in those chambers, relating to your own origins as a species, relaying to you things that you did not think were true in your own history, and so on and so forth. So there is a great deal of intuitive resistance on the part of individuals who do not want to change the status quo. However, some of that is beginning to crack.

Q:  And that information will be forthcoming?

B:  The more each and every one of you that are interested in that information take some action in that direction, with love, to IMPLORE that the information be released, then the wave of the momentum you will create will make a difference. So become involved, I would suggest.

Q:  Thank you.

B:  Thank you. After all, it’s your world.

— Dialogue with Bashar

Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn

The process is from the larger, in your illusion, to the smaller. Thus the co-Creator, individualizing the galaxy, created energy patterns which then focused in multitudinous focuses of further conscious awareness of intelligent infinity. Thus, the solar system of which you experience inhabitation is of its own patterns, rhythms, and so-called natural laws which are unique to itself. However, the progression is from the galaxy spiraling energy to the solar spiraling energy, to the planetary spiraling energy, to the experiential circumstances of spiraling energy which begin the first density of awareness or consciousness of planetary entities.

Law of One

Magick, Alchemy, Occultism, Rosicrucian, Illumination, Initiation, Golden Dawn



The galaxy and all other things of material of which you are aware are products of individualized portions of intelligent infinity. As each exploration began, it, in turn, found its focus and became co-Creator. Using intelligent infinity each portion created an universe and allowing the rhythms of free choice to flow, playing with the infinite spectrum of possibilities, each individualized portion channeled the love/light into what you might call intelligent energy, thus creating the so-called natural laws of any particular universe.

Each universe, in turn, individualized to a focus becoming, in turn, co-Creator and allowing further diversity, thus creating further intelligent energies regularizing or causing natural laws to appear in the vibrational patterns of what you would call a solar system. Thus, each solar system has its own, shall we say, local coordinate system of illusory natural laws. It shall be understood that any portion, no matter how small, of any density or illusory pattern contains, as in an holographic picture, the One Creator which is infinity. Thus all begins and ends in mystery.

Law of One