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The Planets’ sphere which illustrates this manuscript, a part of the Z.A.M.’s Abstract of the Tarot, has been drawn by S.R.M.D. as instructed. It represents the Heavens polarized on the plane of the Ecliptic, not on the plane of the Equator of our Earth, so that its North Pole is the veritable North Pole of our Heavens and not merely that part of them to which the North Pole of our Earth now points.

Another very important difference is that, throughout the true Tarot, the teaching assigns the commencing Point of the Zodiac to the bright Star “Regulus” which is in Leo. And it measures Right Ascension and Longitude from that point, and not from a suppositious point divided by the Equinox and called the 0” of Aries (though in reality now far removed from the constellation of that name), which has been adopted by modern or western astronomy and astrology.

By this now usual way of reckoning, and the Precession of the Equinoxes, it has graduallycome to pass that the signs (or divisions, each of 30°, of the Zodiac) no longer coincide with the constellations of the same name, and each decade of years shows them slowly but surely receding.

But the Tarot method of reckoning from the star named Regulus has, it will be seen, the effect of making the Signs and the Constellations coin-

"Regulus" is also named Cor Leonis - "The Heart of the Lion." "Regulus"means "Star of the Prince."Regulus" coincides with the position of the "heart" in the figure of Leo upon the Star Maps.

(Note: The principia or fundamental ideas of this astronomical view of the Tarot may be found, as least in its essential form, in the astronomical writings of Claudius Ptolemy of Alexandria. Naturally, this reference only concerns the signs, constellations and other astronomical divisions noted. The expansion of this scheme, and its allocation to other forms of universal symbolism, such as the Tarot cards, Hebrew letters, and Enochian Tablets, has its roots in the synthetic genius of the Golden Dawn.

The idea of projecting the Tree of Life into a solid sphere, having application among other things to the starry heavens and the constellations,  certainly is peculiar to this system alone. Most of the fundamentals inhering in the other aspects of the Golden Dawn teaching may be found in exoteric occult literature of past centuries. But, as again I must insist, the peculiar practical application of them as exemplified in the Golden Dawn routine can nowhere else be found, save, of course, in other authentic esoteric systems. The student is urged to study this whole section very thoroughly; it is well worth it. In the early days of the Order there was a special group which devoted its time and energies to the study and application of the principles involved herein. Incidentally, may I point out how much light this particular instruction throws on innumerable passages in Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine-especially in Volume 11.-I.R.)

Tabular View of the Dominion of the symbols of Book T in fhe Celestial
Heavens, and of the Operation, and Rule of The Tree of Life in the same as Projected on a Solid Sphere. (Abridged Treatise arranged for the use of the Z.A.M. ‘s in Anglia by S.RM. D.)

The Zelator Adeptus Minor shall know that the great “King Star” or “Heart of the Lion,” which is in Leo upon the path of the Ecliptic and one of the “Four Tiphareth Points” (see later) of the Celestial Heavens, is the commencement and Ruler of all our reckoning of Longitude (or Ecliptic). The Path of the Sun itself is the commencement of our reckoning of the Latitude in the searching out of our Hidden Wisdom.

Also the Dragon, the constellation Draco, surroundeth the Pole Kether of our Celestial Heavens.

But the Northern Pole and Kether of the Material Planet (even of our Erthe, earth) looketh constantly unto Binah, for as much as she is under sorrow and suffering.When, oh Lord of the Universe, shall she turn from her evil ways so that she shall again behold Kether? Wherefore she is now a place of trial. For each thing in this world of Assiah looketh towards that which is its Natural Governor, and to what part of the Celestial Heavens the Kether of a Planet constantly looketh, by that part is that Planet ruled. For in all things shine the Sephiroth even as hath been sufficiently said.

The Four Knaves (Princesses) rule the celestial Heavens from the North Pole of the Zodiac to the 45” of Latitude North of the Ecliptic. They form the Thrones of the Four Aces, who rule in Kether. The Four Kings, 4 Queens, 4 Princes rule the Celestial Heavens from the 45” of North Latitude down to the Ecliptic. The 12 Tarot Keys attributed to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac rule the Celestial Heavens from the Ecliptic, down to the 45” of South Latitude. The 36 smaller cards of the Suits (from two to ten) rule the Celestial Heavens from the 45” South of the Ecliptic to the South Pole, or the Malkuth place therein. And all calculationarises from the Star “Regulus,” the 0” of our Leo.

— Israel Regardie: The Complete Golden Dawn