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As goddess of justice and order, Maat organizes the chaos brought by Set and en­sures its timely return whenever disruptions have altered the natural order. Iron­ically, the structure that Maat embodies is the adaptable, free-flowing matrix of nature. This is her most important role, and universal justice is dispensed by her when mortal laws have been circumvented.

This Neter is also associated with astrology and the divinatory arts. In the sky, she sits at the prow of the Sun barque to ensure that it will stay on course of the Meten (ecliptical path of the Sun). As the material aspect of Djehuti, she trans­ lates divine ideas, and is therefore consulted as intermediary to the gods when the answer to a question is sought or advice is required.

Principle: Order. Maat’s energy dynamic quickly reorganizes conditions that have become seriously disrupted or out of objective control. She also ensures the orderly progress of long-range plans, including building, commerce, and education.

Function: Structure. This Neter brings fair judgment in legal cases, and new rules and approaches to seemingly unsolvable situations. However, one must be willing to work with the structure that arises from her response; it may not be the conventional solution, but it will normalize the situation expediently. She is also the celestial tutor, and assists in understanding complex issues and ideas.

Associated deities: Seshat, the divine architect and dispensator of measures; the forty-two Maati, each of whom represents the balance of law in the natural order of life, as articulated in the renowned Declaration of Innocence recited by priests on entering the temple and the deceased on entering the afterlife.

Animals: Heron, ostrich, owl.

— Rosemary Clark: The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt